Widely considered to be the single greatest Vouvray domaine and one of the foremost white wine producers in the world today, Domaine Huet l'Echansonnet (as they are known in full) should require little introduction.

Le Mont is a steep, rocky, 8-hectare vineyard that sits atop the chalky Vouvray hillside, overlooking Tours. The soils are very stony (limestone) and there is a greenish band of calcareous clay running close to the surface. This is a site that typically produces mineral and nervy wines so it is mostly dry and off dry whites that are produced from Le Mont.

The Demi-Sec is an off dry style, with typically 10-20 g/lt residual sugar.


Grape Variety Chenin Blanc
Closure Cork
Bottle Size 750ml
Brand Domaine Huet