A collection of our favourite Aussie Chardonnays. $295.94 worth of Chardonnay for only $249.99!


1x Pooley Butchers Hill Chardonnay 2017
A little spice and nectarine, a little bolder and rounder than the Cooinda Vale, with less drive and length, though it’s no slouch either, it must be said. There’s fine acidity and flinty texture, a layer of almond and oatmeal, lemon and a touch of zest pushing through the finish. It drinks very well now, even though its best days are a few years away. Lovely, and full of charm. Drink: 2019-2027 (Jun18)
94/100 - Gary Walsh, winefront.com.au


1x Domaine Naturaliste Artus Chardonnay 2016
This release is brilliant. But in a funky way. It’s up to its eyeballs in spent matchstick character. It’s riven with peach, grapefruit and citrus character, though there’s a fair amount of cracked wheat, toast, cedarwood and cashew-like flavour too. It talks a big game, and delivers on it. You have to like the funk, there’s no doubting or getting around it, but if you do: this is sensational. Drink:2019-2026
96/100 - Campbell Mattinson, winefront.com.au


1x Craiglee Chardonnay 2016
Light to mid-yellow colour with a rich, ripe, complex bouquet delivering rich, medium to full-bodied, complex chardonnay flavour of generosity and great length as well as balance and finesse. A big finish with plenty of oak. A glorious wine which delivers the body and flavour you'd expect of a chardonnay. Drink: 2018-2025 (May18)
93/100 - Huon Hooke, huonhooke.com


1x Domenica Chardonnay 2016
From ex-Giaconda winemaker Peter Graham. A lovely textured Chardonnay. Notes of white Peach and grapefruit with a nice lick of wood.


1x Goodman Chardonnay 2015
Ripping wine. No question about it. Powerfully aromatic and powerfully flavoured. Cashew, white peach, grapefruit, lactose and honeysuckle-like notes. It’s chardonnay on the charge, in many ways, though it calms and balances through the back half of the wine. Beautiful. Drink: 2018-2023'
94/100 - Campbell Mattinson, winefront.com.au


1x Ocean Eight Grande Chardonnay 2014
Lusty chardonnay from handsome, nice-shirt-wearing winemaker Mike Aylward.It’s not quite a buttery chardonnay but it’s got touches of richer spectrum fruit and oak character, a fleshiness in texture and a soft, smooth finish. Perfume says melon, stone fruit, apple, vanilla, spice. The palate not too far off that, with a brush of light honey. Dials in good, big, lip-smacking character, though does have a slightly dilute feel overall, which is overlooked for most part.
90/100 - Mike Bennie, winefront.com.au (Oct17)


Grape Variety Chardonnay
Bottle Size 750ml
SKU 152491