Grown in the Te Arai Vineyard, they were hand-harvested and gently de-stemmed before being bucketed into the amphorae. These are a 500-litre clay vessel which were made in Spain, a tinajas in fact. Here the fruit sits and assimilates its origins and the surrounding resonance of the persons who care for it. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away. No temperature control. No yeasts. Fermentation is assisted by careful mixing of the grapes and their juices.

This wine is slightly cloudy and the first smell is of olive stone and almost briny, there is light dried straw much like the scarecrow and yet with the pear prettiness of Dorothy. A touch of honey and a whisper of almond are present The acidity is round, but refreshing and then there’s heaps of long chained tannin giving a very long textured pucker and a drying finish. It is cloudy from natural sediments and smells very clearly of its origins in terms of place and fruit. The taste is long and intense. Once opened, this wine will last, even improve, for a number of days afterwards, so take your time, savour and drink in moderation.


Grape Variety

Chenin Blanc

Closure Cork
Bottle Size 750ml
Brand Millton Vineyards
SKU MI8718