Brand Page [Blank Canvas]

Blank Canvas is our vinous studio. It's our clean slate where we combine art and science in unity, without being enslaved to tradition. We can play by our own rules, with our ultimate aim of creating wines that excite, delight and inspire.

Our wines are single-vineyard wines. They are small batch in nature and are a manifestation of the exact time and place they are from. We start with a blank canvas with every vineyard site and every vintage with the aim of reflecting individuality and character.

We also aren't adorned with badges that stamp us as belonging to one regime or another. We would rather be free from such prescriptive and more often than not emotive raison d'etres that sees philosophy trumped over logic. We embrace science (knowledge) and look forward rather than backward.

Our goal with Blank Canvas is to make wines that engage, and that give cerebrally and emotively. To do this we seek out exceptional single vineyard sites throughout Marlborough, Hawke's Bay and Central Otago in New Zealand, grown by long-term grower partners that are dedicated to their land.

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