The Sweet Pea is made using Muscat a Petit Grains, which is common throughout central and Eastern Europe. It is a red grape, although it is used predomi­nantly to make either sweet or dry white wines. It is used to make an ever so slightly pink and 'frizzante' Moscato wine. The grapes are allowed to spend a small amount of time 'on skins' so we get the lovely pink colour. It is then made like a white wine,  pressed off skins and fermented. The wine is chilled to stop fermented and bottled with a little bit of fizz.

This Moscato has a gorgeous grapey nose of Turkish Delight, a hint of cinnamon and a little bubble gum. Of course 'Sweet Pea' is sweet (because of the residual sugar that remains after stopping the fermentation) but it finishes with a wonderful savoury character.


Grape Variety Muscat
Closure Screwcap
Bottle Size 750ml
Brand Spring Seed
SKU BS1217