Multi-vintage rosé, made with Pinot Noir, is created in two ways: White wine from Pinot Noir: after a quick pressing, and a fast separation of the skins, the juice is very pale and can be vinified as a white wine. Red wine from Pinot Noir: is obtained by a prolonged maceration of the juice on the skins. A touch of Chardonnay brings the necessary vivacity to balance the fruits of Pinot Noir.

The two are blended with a secret touch of Chardonnay and a mix of 25 reserve vintages going back to 1985! The wine spends 3 years on lees and an extra 5 months after disgorgement. The dosage is a low & dry 6g/L.


Grape Variety Pinot Noir
Closure Cork
Bottle Size 750ml
Brand Bruno Paillard