The Argyros family has been making wine on Santorini since 1903. Yiannis Argyros took over the winery in 1974 and has worked hard to ensure that the quality of the fruit is as good as possible. Argyros is especially highly regarded for vinsanto and dry white both made from Assyrtiko.

There are people who consider Mattaios Argyros, and his late father Yiannis, to be both the best sweet winemakers and the best white winemakers in Greece. Established in 1903, Estate Argyros, is currently the largest private owner of vineyards in Santorini. With a focus on sustainable farming practises and indigenous varieties, these past generations have positioned them well. A new winery and visitor centre were finished in 2015 and all this combined shows Argyros to be one of the great Ktimas of Greece. Based in Episkopi Santorini, they own 42ha of vineyards with ungrafted -original rootstock - phylloxera safe vines, averaging 70 years old, including some of the oldest on the island at over 200 years old. The vast majority of their vineyards are trained in the famous Basket shape (Kouloura) and even when given a choice, Argyros use this method, which they believe offers greater control over canopy, allowing for finer balance leading to better quality fruit. This use of Kouloura is the reason for the Estates incredibly low yields that when matched with state-of-the-art winemaking based on a philosophy of minimal intervention, produce a style that is clean, precise and razor sharp. These are truly wines of finesse and poise that benchmark the greatness that is emerging from Santorini.


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