Azores Wine Company

A unique terroir in the world, hidden in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the Pico volcanic mountain, the vineyards are planted in the crevices of the rock, near the sea, where you can hear the "crab singing". The Azores Wine Company Winery on Pico Island, Portugal - is explicitly designed for the creation of excellent white wines. There is a daily battle between the force of nature of the volcano and the people who shapes the landscape for the vines. Pico's vineyards are unusually close to the sea, between 50 and 300 metres; so close that the sea sprays the vineyards with salt. The salt water seeps underground and mixes with the fresh rainwater in a brackish combination that the vines’ roots drink from.

Currently, the recovery of the Azores' indigenous grape varieties, located mostly on Pico Island, make up the typical profile of Azores wines. Completely unique, the white Arinto dos Açores and Verdelho O Original monovariety from the Rare Grapes Collection reveals themselves with surprising freshness, minerality and salinity. The winery also innovated its Volcanic Series of red and rosé Azores wines.


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