Andrea Cortonesi, owner of Uccelliera, is a person who could be described as "salt of the earth": the only son of a farming family, he has worked in the fields since he was a teenager helping his father. Andrea is not only an extremely talented winemaker, but he is also a fine entrepreneur who managed to purchase in 1986, entirely thanks to his own devices, the initial four hectares of the estate, consisting of an ancient homestead and half a hectare of old vineyards. In the following years more vineyards, standing in different positions in respect to the homestead, were added so to reach the present extension of 6 hectares. To produce Brunello and Rosso by blending vineyards with different exposures and soils is a specific choice so that the character of each vintage and of the terroir can be expressed following a "mimimum handling" philosophy. This is pursued through natural vineyard management. Andrea's efforts continue in the cellar (a new cellar has been added to the old one and they are both built underground) where the wines rest at a constant and natural temperature.

At present Uccelliera is without any doubt one of the top estates of Montalcino, the Brunello and Rosso are complex, intense extemely supple and drinkable. A small quantity of an IGT/proprietary wine, Rapace (meaning "bird of prey" in line with the name of the estate), a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet is also produced. In 2006 Andrea started a new project, together with other producers of the area friends of his, with the aim of enhancing the different aspects of the extraordinary terroir of Montalcino, and a Rosso and a Brunello are bottled under the brand-name of “Voliero”.

The vineyards stand at an altitude of 250-450 meters above sea level with various exposures and the vines are between 10 and 20 years old. These wines are the expression of this terroir and show finesse rather than complexity. The style is traditional: the wine rests in large Slavonian and French oak casks , the Brunello for 30 months and the Rosso for four months. The wines are vinified at the estates of the friends of Andrea’s while bottling takes place at Uccelliera. The touch of Andrea is unmistakable in these two lovely wines!


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